AK-47 VS AR-15 – 7.62 VS 5.56 VS CONCRETE BLOCK

(Scroll down for the video)

Two rifles: AK-47 and AR-15 against one concrete block. Which one will manage to penetrate through faster? Check out the video below to find out, and leave your comment below.

The American favorite Colt AR-15 rifle most often have a 1/2 inches-28 threaded barrel to incorporate the use of a muzzle device, such as a flash suppressor, sound suppressor, or muzzle brake. The initial design of the muzzle, had three teeth or pins and was prone to break and get entangled in the vegetation. The  was later changed to close in order to avoid this problem. This may be the thing that propel it above the Russian rifle in this competition, but check out the video to see what more is coming. What are your thoughts about who the winner of this competition is? Leave your comment below.