Hind Eagle , Attacker And Troop Transport Helicopter

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The Mil Mi-24 is in the Soviet Union developed gunship helicopter. The Soviet and Russian pilots call their machines a летающий танк (Flying Tank) or крокодил (crocodile, due to the Tarnfarbenmusters) and стакан (Stakan, glass, Because of the large-area cockpit glazing of the Mi-24A). Unusual for a combat helicopter is the ability of the Mi-24 to transport troops.

The Mi-24 is equipped with two gas turbine engines and has a main tail rotor assembly with five- blade main rotor.

It takes eight soldiers with complete equipment in the cabin. Alternatively, a set of ammunition and one or two armory can also be accommodated in the cabin in order to allow a re-deployment during the deployment. On both sides are upwards and downwards folding doors, which allow a fast entry and exit or loading and unloading. A continuous step is installed on the lower entrance door. What do you think of this beast ? Let’s know in the comments section below!