Mass vs Speed, GIANT BULLET

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An experiment made by Demo Ranch themselves, the famous YouTube lads that enjoy messing up with guns and bullets includes a small 350g bullet and large .50 caliber bullet. Their goal is to see which one will do more damage moving in different speed.

The 50 caliber bullet includes a piercing core is made of tungsten carbide, a mixture of incendiary and explosive material , which allows to pierce light armored vehicles and injure the crew inside. It can be successfully as well used against helicopters, airplanes unarmored and lightly armored vehicles; also it has the ability to ignite jet fuel. In this kind of purpose the NM140 MP has comparable efficacy to standard 20 mm ammunition caliber.

Do you think that the larger bullet will do better? Not always the case, but we invite you to watch the video and figure it out by yourselves.

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