Suppressor Meltdown! 700 round burst through an M249 SAW!

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Bursting bullets through different machine guns and rifles became a hit on YouTube, so here is another video of it. This time 700 rounds through M249 SAW. Check it out.

The light machine gun M249 (formally light machine gun, 5.56 mm, M249) is the US version of the light machine gun Belgian FN Minimi , manufactured by FNH USA and Employed by all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States . The machine gun was introduced in 1984 , being the unique candidate in surpassing several tests. Provides the high volume of fire of an average machine gun with ammunition that weighs much less.

The M249 is triggered by the firing gases and cooled by air. It has a quick-change barrel, which allows its servers to be replaced in a short time when it is overheated or blocked. It has a folding bipod coupled near the barrel, although it can also be mounted on a fixed tripod.

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