Top 10 Most badass Guns in the World

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Check out this compilation video of the 10 most badass guns in the world. Some of the most used guns awe here, as well as some strange looking rifles. One of them is the mighty HK MG4, check out the video to find out the rest. The MG4 is a 5.56 mm lightweight belt-fed machine gun designed and developed by Heckler & Koch. It was developed in the late 90’s and presented to the public in 2001. It has been selected to replace the MG3 as a support weapon, but will complement it in other tasks. The MG4 will also be the secondary armament of the new Puma trotting vehicle. Broadly, it has been designed to be lightweight, safe to use and reliable under tough conditions using variously manufactured ammunition, without having to adjust the gas regulator. Initially it was known as MG43, before being adopted by the Bundeswehr. Leave a comment with your opinion below.