Top 5 Fun Guns Just Because

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The guys from Iraqveteran8888 are back again with several guns. Eric and Chad decided to make a top 5 video, but basically they never have the exact number of 5 – this time they got 7 guns, so we are going to mention two of them only, it’s your job to check the rest 5. They are talking about the SP2, M92 and some other guns. Check out the video as we talk about their favorite gun, the M92.

It is based on the AK system. Chambered in 7,62 × 39 mm. Ambidextrous when installing the supplementary handle. Rate of fire is close to the rate AKS74U, but way more comfortable thanks to the design of the auxiliary handle. Effective shooting distance: 200 m.

What is your list of top 5 guns? Let us know in the comments section down below