U.S. Soldiers experience French Commandos Training Style

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The Force of maritime fusiliers marins et commandos (FORFUSCO) is for guiding the French naval commandos and Navy Fusiliers competent command of the French Navy.
FORFUSCO was founded in 2001 within the framework of the COS (Commandement des opérations spéciales) forming the water component of the COS. The FORFUSCO is supported by the naval troops and the naval commandos. The FORFUSCO is primarily responsible for the planning and direction of amphibious command actions.
What is visible in this video is the American army trying to train together with the French Special Forces (Commandos) in their own unique training method. These are the deals that were not used by our army and now with this initiative, they are learning new methods, trying new techniques and implementing them in the work. What are your thoughts about this cross-country training operation? Leave us a comment below.