Army-2017 Kalashnikov new military products small arms defens exhibition Russia

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Kalashnikov is the colloquial name of a number of Soviet – Russian storm and machine guns, mostly of the original model AK 47, named after its developer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov . The original model was taken over in 1947 in the arming of the Red Army and becomes AK-47 for Awtomat Kalashnikowa, obrasza 47.

The weapon is referred to as the machine gun (“MPi-K”) in the terminology of many states of the former Warsaw Pact. The weapon to be classified between conventional machine pistols in gun calipers and automatic rapid firearms for strong gun ammunition is also referred to as a machine karabiner. According to today’s definition, this conception is again counted among the storm guns with a middle cartridge.  The NVA also designated the AK-47 as a machine gun, while Sturmgewehr in the GDR was not in use.

The rifles are manufactured from the Ischmash weapons in Izhevsk and Tulski Oruscheiny Sawod in Tula. There are also a large number of licensed buildings and copies in other states.