DDH-181 Helicopter Carrier: The Pride Of Japan

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The Hyūga Class is a series of destroyers portatillicteros , DDH according to the Japanese classification, currently in service in the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan.

Hyūga is both the name of a Japanese city in Miyazaki Prefecture , and that of an ancient province of Japan. A battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy , the Hyūga , previously carried the name. It is remarkable that this ship underwent a profound modification that allowed it to operate with a high number of airplanes, becoming a hybrid of battleship and aircraft carrier.

The ships of this class have a flight deck with two elevators, completely cleared, with a bridge in the starboard band from which the air operations and the government of the ship are controlled. Its external appearance is similar to the LHD US of Class Wasp with a smaller, but because their task is eminently antisubmarine, size and functions are closer to the Spanish aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias and Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi , although the Lack of ski jump to bow greatly limits the use of fixed-wing devices.

Given the above, the designation of destroyer to a vessel of almost 20 000 tonnes at full load is surprising. In fact, the prestigious Jane’s Fighting Ships refers to the Hyūga Class as porta-helicopters, 1 while GlobalSecurity.org indicates that they are light aircraft carriers.