This is the Largest Helicopter in World History

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The Mil Mi-26 is a transport helicopter heavy created in the 1970s in the Soviet Union by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant for civilian and military applications, production Began in 1981 and continues today. It is the largest and most powerful helicopter in mass production in the world, and is the largest monorail helicopter ever made (the prototype Mil Mi-12 is larger but never mass – produced)

Except for the prototype V-12 jeepers that preceded it and were never built in series, the new Mil Mi-26 is the heaviest helicopter it has flown to date. Designed to provide Aeroflot with a heavy helicopter for operations in undeveloped regions of the country, remote and difficult-to-reach places, transportation of personnel, equipment and military personnel throughout the country due to the large territorial extension of the Soviet Union. What are your thoughts about this helicopter? Leave a comment below.