US Marines UH-1 Venom & AH-1Z Viper Helicopters In Action During Close Urban Air Support Training

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Our guys are once again out on the training ground, this time testing the UH-1n massive helicopter as well as a small bits of AH01Z. The Bell UH-1Y Venom is a medium twin-engine helicopter military built by the US Bell Helicopter Textron . The UH-1Y is designed to replace the old Bell UH-1N introduced in the Marine Corps in 1970.

Initially the project was to modernize the aircraft already in use, but in 2005 it approved a project for the construction of new equipment.

The review allowed the radio upgrade of avionics systems, entry doors, weapons and security systems, this has helped to reduce the empty weight. But the maximum speed of about 100 knots, the limited reservoirs, fuel and ammunition, reduce operational capabilities of the aircraft. A little bit of the video as well talks about the AH-1Z helicopter which is also one really awesome looking helicopters. It is worth watching the video if you are interested in our flying monster machines. Leave a comment with your opinion below the video.