[Video] What Rifle Foregrip is Best? Angled? Vertical? Handstop?

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Vertical forward grip – vertical arm, designed to be mounted manually as an additional accessory. The vertical front handle is attached to the front of the barrel of the rifle and serves to better retain the weapon by the shooter, allowing better guidance of the weapon on the target and to keep the recoil manageable

Vertical front handles can have slots for remote lights and LTS buttons, an internal space for storing spare batteries or small spare parts, can sometimes be combined with a flashlight bracket. Another popular option is the combination of a vertical handle and bipod. In this case, the extension paws of the bipod can be located inside the cavity of the main handle or the handle consists of two semicircular telescopic halves and looks like an ordinary falcon – inverted V.

Do you use a foregrip on your setup ? Let us know!