Career Ending Airborne Accident

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What you are about to see in this video is a career ending landing on one of the Airborne Forces, this is a sad story that regards one of the many paratroopers jumping from a plane to complete a mission. The paratroopers are air units of the military that are deployed on the ground by a plane where landing is not an option, or is too far away. The paratroopers all line up in a formation and jump in a given interval, therefore seen from the ground it looks like one big line of soldiers raining from the sky. Check out this video where one of the paratroopers that happens to record his flight and landing simply broke his leg and which ended his paratrooping  career, it was really painful. One of the closest paratroopers run to his aid, but despite he won’t be jumping from a plane ever again. Check the video and leave your opinion below.