30lbs of tannerite vs 79 Ford Bronco

(Scroll down for the video)

These guys from cawglock23’s YouTube channel are using 30 Lbs of Tannerite to explode a 79 Ford Bronco. Check out the video to see how powerful a tannerite really is, let us know what do you think, while we explain a bit more of this substance.

Unmixed TANNERITE are sold without a license in many countries legally. Mixing the components will create explosive, and can only transported on public roads with special security measures and specially marked cars, safe packaging, special insurance, etc. Their usage is quite versatile, and some guys are using it for fun as we can see in the video below. Blended components are prohibited and store in places not intended.

Have you ever had experience with this explosive? What are your thoughts of the video? Leave us a comment below.

Don’t do this at home, unless you know what you are doing.