American AGM-158 JASSM vs Turkish SOM Cruise Missiles

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The AGM-158 JASSM is an air-to-ground missiles medium to high range developed in the United States by Lockheed Martin.

The development of the JASSM began in 1995, immediately after the AGM-137 TSSAM program had been aborted because of too high a cost. The development goal was now a wide-ranging, low-cost and precision-steered LO- wing body, which would cost considerably less than the AGM-137 TSSAM. In June 1996, contracts for development and risk reduction were awarded to McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin. The competing steering missile designs were named AGM-158A and AGM-159A , with Lockheed Martin winning the bid in April 1998. The first flight tests took place in November 1999 and the development tests began in January 2001. Pre-production started in December of the same year, and the operational test phase began in mid-2002, which was completed in April 2003. In October 2003 the JASSM was declared fully operational. How would it compete against the Turkish SOM Cruise Missile? Leave us a comment with your opinion below.