American AH 64 Apache VS Russian KA 52 Alligator

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The Russian and Americans provide always the best of armament technologies especially if we are talking about the attack helicopters, the helicopter gunships with with their superiority over land-based armour and tanks have grown in prominence. The Eastern and Western manufacturers present to the world their finest masterpieces the KA 52 Alligator and the AH 64 Apache
The Russian KA 52, is an upgraded two-seats version of the KA50 which appears in 2008. Thanks to its two-coaxial contra-rotating main rotors, its maneuverability and its fastness are unique and from the best of the world. This gunship has a 30-mm cannon and up to 12 Vikhr anti-tank missiles with an ability to carry unguided rockets and Igla-V air-to-air missiles. A battlefield management system to exchange data with and command other helicopters provides target detection and coordinates the attacks.
The AH 64 saw its first flight on 2011 with major improvements on targeting, cockpit, communication, battle-management and navigation systems. This engine has a mast mounted antenna a developed fire-control radar and a 30mm canon. It has also the particularity to fire anti-tank guided missiles.
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