Badass Pilot Buys Own Fighter Jet | AARP

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Check out this awesome pilot that decided to buy his own fighter jet because he is in love with the plane and his job. He demonstrates the power of jets as well as his  flying skills in the video below, so don’t miss it! A Fighter Jet is a military aircraft designed primarily for air warfare with other aircraft, as opposed to bombers , which are primarily designed to attack ground targets by launching pumps . The fighters are small, fast and of great maneuverability. Many fighters have secondary ground attack capabilities, and some are dual-purpose to act as fighter-bombers ; Term also used to name the ground attack aircraft with hunting capabilities.

Fighters are the main means by which the military obtains air superiority over their opponents in battle. At least since World War II , achieving and maintaining air superiority has been a key component in gaining victory in war , particularly in a conventional war between regular armies. Leave us a comment with your opinion below the video.