The Best Guns For The College Bound – What Should Young People Carry

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Overprotective parents? College time for your kids? Thank us later.

Most kinds when they leave for college they’re still young and they have mostly never been away from home for a long time, they’re new to the world, they should know how to defend themselves, and for that we have firearms.

They show us the Mossberg Maverick 88, when 18 years old they can keep on of those firearms in their vehicle, or if the campus allows it, they can keep it there but that is very unlikely. Next is the KelTec SUB-2000, very easy to use and it can be folded and kept in a backpack. The Rugger 10/22, a takedown model that comes in a backpack and it’s cheap. Another option is the Bersa Thunder+ .380 or the Canik TP9 pistol since it is cheap and easy to handle.

What did you guys think about these firearms, are they good for college students? Let us know!