DT-10PM two section tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier vehicle Vityaz Russian army

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DT-10 Vityaz is a two section tracked – all terrain vehicle on caterpillar tracks, intended for transportation in difficult climatic conditions of the Far North, Siberia, the Far East, the Arctic and the Antarctic on soils with low bearing capacity (bog, snow virgin land, impassability, crossed woodland). Ambient temperature of the vehicle goes from plus 40 to minus 50 ° C.

For floating models, the letter P is added to the name of the model.

Testing of the new vehicles was mainly under extreme conditions in Siberia and the Far East. Currently, Vitiazi transporters are based in Antarctica and Arctic bases. “Witiaź” transporters move on two sets of tracks and have a multi – fuel, 7-cylinder 12-cylinder engine. In addition, the crawler construction allows for continued driving even after half-track traction has been interrupted.

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