Elite Knife Fighter vs Elite Gun Fighter

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The following video contains raw never seen before footage of Doug Marcaida and Instructor Zero during the filming of the Knife vs Gun series. We hope that this behind the scenes look answers some of your questions about this topic. It’s certainly obvious that the Gun vs Knife fight is very one-dimensional in favor of the gun fighter. In the case of a skilled gun fighter versus an unskilled knife attacker the 21ft rule may be dead, but if that knife is wielded by a skilled knife fighter, we might actually se that rule expand. Even though the old saying: “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” is a correct and well said one, it definitely doesn’t apply to close quarters combat, the one place were knives can often be the better choice. The 21-foot rule has long been used by police officers. Essentially, it says that when an assailant wielding a knife is closing in, they will cover 21 feet in the time it takes you to draw and fire your gun. That’s a lot of ground and it also puts intense pressure on the person drawing the gun. And you might not even have that much time. Recently, a study at Minnesota State University- Mankato found that the amount of distance covered can be greater than 21 feet. Some in law enforcement suggest that training officers on using edge tools is necessary to provide them with choices for dealing with an attack.

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