The Only Footage Known of the Prototype Full Auto AR-10 from 1957! With Jerry Miculek

Prototype full auto AR-10 from 1957! (Unicorn Guns with Jerry Miculek) – Credits to – The Leaders In Gun Control!

The Institute of Military Technology owns the grandfather of AR-15, M16, and many other rifles that are in use today, the AR-10.  It’s an automatic, armor light, 308-caliber Rifle from 1957.

With eight hundreds of a second with the auto and 17 splits in the semi-auto mode between shots, the experience is amazing for the veteran Jerry. Because of the plastic 308 ammos there is less recoil while shooting. 7.62 x 51 with 633 rounds per minute in automatic mode, the AR-10 was really a state of the art rifle back in the day when it was manufactured.

The rifle possesses some of the features used today; the lightweight removable magazine, it’s one of the 1st prototypes of a lightweight gun and it’s the grandfather of the modern gas system used in the M16 and many other rifles nowadays. Did you get a chance to try and experience the AR-10? Let us know in the comment section.