An Incredible 1123 Yard Shot – Just To Destroy a HTC One M8

This almost 5-minute- long video focuses on both the HTC One M8 phone and the XS1 Precision guided firearm, the whole idea of it is to shoot the phone with the rifle and see the amount of damage it causes.

First, he compliments the HTC One M8 phone, its well-thought metal structure, he tests the HTC by throwing it on the ground where the screen immediately shatters to pieces, then he throws it in water but it doesn’t affect the phone. We hear a bit more about the XS1 Precision guided firearm: it’s easy accessible features, it’s smart structure, automatic programming, and a range of 1,200 yards.

After testing the phone he simply shoots it. The bullet goes through the phone easily from the precise rifle. The damage of the phone is palpable and the shooter is entertained by it.