Inside The Tanks: The AMX 13: Part I – World of Tanks

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The AMX-13 is a French-made lightweight tugboat produced from 1953 to 1987. It served in the French Army and was exported to more than 25 nations. Named # 13 for its original 13-ton weight that included a sturdy and reliable chassis, it was equipped with an unusual GIAT pendulum turret and a revolver-type cannon loading system.

It was designed by Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux in 1946 to meet the requirements for an airborne parachute support vehicle; the first prototype was completed in 1948. The compact chassis had torsion bar suspension with five undercarriages and two return rollers; the engine was installed in the right front with the driver to the left. It has a little frequent two-part swinging turret, where the weapon is fixed to the turret and all of its upper part changes elevation. The turret is mounted at the rear of the vehicle and houses the commander and gunner. The original 75mm barrel , supposedly inspired by the German 7.5cm KwK 42 L / 70 (used among others by the Panther ), although shorter and firing different ammunition, was powered by a two-load automatic loading system of six projectiles. One drawback because of its small size was that once the shells were exhausted, the vehicle had to be withdrawn and the crew reloaded from outside the vehicle.