Live Firing Demonstration Russian Army – International Military Technical Forum

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So, the Russian Army decided to do some shooting and demonstration of its power. What will happen? How strong are they? Find out below.

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (in Russian , Вооружённые силы Российской Федерации , tr . : Vooruzhénniye síly Rossíyskoy Federátsii ) is the military power of Russia , established in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union and the most powerful of the world together with the American , being the most powerful army in Europe .

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is the President of Russia (now Vladimir Putin), and the Ministry of Defense serves as its administrative body. Today the active troops are approximately 700,000 and the reserve 1 000 000, all available men total 1 700 000.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have three main branches: the Land Forces, the Navy , and the Air Force . In addition, there are three independent bodies from the three previous branches: Strategic Rocket Forces, Space Forces and Airborne Troops.