Marines vs Pirates | Helmet Cam Combat Footage

Marines vs Pirates | Helmet Cam Combat Footage
Threat could hide practically around the corner, or all the more precisely, simply off the coast.The team of a German ship found oout that the most difficult way possible when their vessel, the MS Taipan, was boarded and seized by a gathering of Somali pirates. Fortunately, Dutch marines were there to the rescue.The Dutch frigate Tromp got up to speed with the commandeered holder dispatch somewhere in the range of 560 miles off the bank of Somali. Taking after their conventions when seized, the German group figured out how to kill the ship’s motors, permitting the Dutch Commandos to make up for lost time. The vessel was nearly at an entire stop when the Navy dropped from a helicopter for their mission.Watch the exciting straight-out-of-an-action movie video above.



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