Running and Gunning with a FNH Scar 17

(Scroll down for the video)

The FNH SCAR is a modular ordinance selective focus rifle developed by Fabrique National d’Herstal (FN) at the request of USSOCOM .

The contract provided that the SOCOM the new weapon was available in two versions, which corresponded to different calibers: FN SCAR-H (heavy) is the variant battle in caliber 7.62 mm NATO adaptable on the battlefield to other ammunition (such as 7.62 × 39mm Soviet).

The two models are similar in 90% of the parts and the change of the barrel takes a few minutes without the need for further adjustments. The key idea of the SCAR is its modularity, i.e. the ability to provide the operator with a wide variety of options starting from the barrel.

This video shows exactly the weight and ability to react fast with the gun. Check it out and leave us a comment below the video.