Shooting Neodymium Shotgun Slugs! – Perfect Anti-Robot Round?

Shooting a firearm with magnetic projectiles, filling all bullets with small crushed computer hard drive magnet parts and other shells with magnet formed into a round ball, YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS tries to shoot the firearm with them, the question is how will they shoot, will they go in a straight accurate way or will they fly off to nowhere? They’re all Neodymium magnets. First time he shoots the bullet hits the main target and except that it hits a bit lower too and the magnetic parts stick to the target (a metallic pan).

Next target was an orange juice plastic bottle, this time the magnets divided into pieces and all hit the target just as hard. After that he hits a radio device and the bullet is not as powerful, the pieces get stuck inside the radio. Please be careful and do not try this at home.

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