Shooting With One of the Deadliest Spec Ops Snipers

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The M24 SWS is a sniper rifle for police and military. It is based on the Remington 700 of the manufacturer Remington Arms .

The M24 SWS is the standard sniper rifle of the US Army. SWS stands for Sniper Weapon System. Like all models of the 700 series , the M24 is a repeater ; the empty sleeves are ejected by repeating the shutter and a new cartridge is loaded from the magazine.

Main difference to the Remington 700 is the military scope, a 10×42 Leupold Ultra M3A ZF, and the adjustable shoulder rest. The effective range is according to the manufacturer by the day at 800 m, in the night with night vision device at 300 m.

Remington Arms also offers a modified version of the M24. The M24A2 has a 10-cartridge magazine, a patch Picatinny rail (MARS – Modular Accessory Rail System) and a modified duration to receive a silencer.