Shooting a Raptor Truck With a Desert Eagle – Because Why Not!

FullMag decided to break his Raptor Window one day, how did he decide to do that, well he broke the glass one day and thought why not shoot it with the .50cal and see what happens. He uses his Raptor truck for this experiment. Using his Desert Eagle, he shoots the backseat window and we see the whole thing up close in slow motion, it hits the center of the glass, the safety glass did well since it is thick even though it broke, it held itself in place firmly. After testing he cleans the whole glass and covers it up in tape so water won’t go in.

Even though this video is entertaining and fun to watch, please do not do this at home if you do not have experience with firearms.

What did you guys think about this video, was the glass supposed to hold more than that or was that the most it could hold? Let us know!