Top 5 Overly Complicated Guns

Alex from TFB TV shows us the top 5 most complicated firearms.

The G41 M, it has no moving parts on the outside to be able to function as a bolt-action rifle in case of emergency, there are about 4,000.

Next is the Nagant Revolver M1895 adopted by the Russians, the cylinder holds 7 rounds which gives you a bit more speed but that’s basically all it has. After that firearm, we see the Boberg XM9 pistol which he calls cool and compact and the barrel length is quite long since they’re like a bullpup pistol however they are very complex, you need to load cartridges backward on its magazine. Next is the Sig AMT he claims this firearm is a very good shooter but the system is very complex. Lastly, he shows us the Mauser C96 which was accepted in the military in WWI, they have only one screw and that’s to retain the grip and they are extremely difficult to take apart.

Which firearm do you think is the most complex? Let us know!