[U.S. Marines] When It Counts

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Check out this motivational video regarding the US Marines and their hard work on the field. The United States Marine  is one of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Although in the early years since the foundation was concerned almost exclusively with ships safety and amphibious operations, the Marines Corps had evolved so that it would take on multiple roles, which would be a separate case in the US military apparatus.

With 182,000 soldiers in service and 38,500 in the Reserve (data 2017), the Marines’ Corps is the second smallest armed force in the US and only the Coast Guard , dependent on the Department of Homeland Security, has a numerically lower staff. The body, however, exceeds the size of the armed forces of almost all major countries: it is larger, for example, the United Army. The Marines’ Corps is the Naval Infantry, an autonomous body, though it is largely based on the US Navy, specialized in amphibious operations and in operations as “expeditionary force.”