US Air force STEALTH UAV armed with LASER GUN to kill S-400 defence

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Have you heard of the amazing Stealth UAV, known as the RQ-170 sentinel and all the amazing things that it can do? If you haven’t, this video is a must for you. Watch it, and let us know what do you think in the comments section down below!

The RQ-170 Sentinel was developed by Skunk Works , dependent of Lockheed Martin, like UAV with stealth abilities . This is a flywheel design with sensors housed in the margins of each wing. There are few technical details of the aircraft, but apparently it is about 20 meters in wingspan.

The RQ (Reconnaissance UAV) designation of the USAF indicates that the RQ-170 Sentinel does not carry weapons. David A. Fulghum of Aviation Week specializes that the UAV is likely to be “a platform focused on tactical operations rather than strategic data collection intelligence.”

The USAF confirmed the existence of the RQ-170 Sentinel on December 4, 2009, after some controversy generated on the Internet when filtering some photographs