[Video] Dramatic: Apache helicopter slams nose-down into sea during exercise in Greece

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Check out this crazy stung with Apache helicopter and how it ended in an unwanted situation. The whole crowd went crazy after the pilot lost control over the acrobatic chopper. Check it out!

The AH-64 Apache is an all-weather attack helicopter . In 2015 , it was built by Boeing , which absorbed the company McDonnell Douglas , which had itself bought the company Hughes in 1984 . The latter had developed it during the Cold War in order to stop the tank columns of the Warsaw Pact in case of conflict in Europe. All devices are produced in the Boeing plant Mesa in the Arizona .

His baptism of fire took place in Panama in December 1989 . Subsequently, he was engaged massively during the Gulf War (1990-1991) and more recently in the theaters of Afghanistan , Iraq , Libya and Yemen.

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