[Video] Inside the Tanks: The T-72 – AU Armour & Artillery Museum

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The T-72 is soviet second-generation main battle tank trolley designed and produced first in the Soviet Union and later in Russia. It has been for more than thirty years one of the few tanks of combat that are constructed in five countries; and has been extensively improved, some models are currently produced under license, and other multiple versions have had different luck; from passing from the prototype phase, to being very sophisticated tanks like the T-90S. It entered the active service in the year 1971 and at the moment it continues being a fundamental piece in the armored bodies of many countries. To this day it is one of the most produced in-service battle tanks in the world, after the T-34; with more than 40,000 units distributed throughout the world geography. It is one of the most active tanks of the Russian Army, which in 2004 had about 5,000 units and other more used units of post-war and other projects.

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