Will The Air Force’s Light Attack Aircraft Experiment Actually Happen?

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Check out the amazing plane in the video. It is the OA-X light attack aircraft that’s supposed to establish missions in places where normal aircrafts cannot land. The OA-X is an American- made turboprop aircraft built by Raytheon Aircraft Company (now Hawker Beechcraft). It is used by the United States Air Force as a basic trainer and by the United States Navy for primary and intermediate training for Naval Flight Officer (NFO) and Navigator / Weapon Systems Officer (WSO). It replaced in the Air Force the T-37B Tweet and in the Navy the T-34C Turbo Mentor. The T-6A is also used as a coach in the Canadian Air Force (called CT-156 Harvard II), in the Luftwaffe, Greek Air Force,

The Pilatus PC-9 failed to win the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System competition for the United States Air Force and United States Navy. However, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation used PC-9 as the initial platform to determine what type of aircraft was needed to meet the requirements imposed by the USAF and the USN.