Guy Lets a SNAPPING TURTLE Bite Him! – Painful as hell!

Who knew turtles could bite holes on your arm, or anywhere else? We’re used to normal cute slow turtles that just eat and hide under their shell.

Coyote Peterson has been on a mission for a long time, finding the biggest snapping turtle, to do so he jumps in different lakes and ponds and grabs them, through on the journey he has had many bloody accidents.

He wanted to see how strong the snapping turtles bite was so he firstly covers his arm with a brace and let the snapping turtle bite him, unfortunately the plan went wrong and the turtles dug through the brace and in his skin, the damage was pretty visible.

So, after that he uploaded a video asking his fans whether they wanna see him get bitten by one, and 95% of them said Yes.

Shows us the dangerous snapping turtles’ sharp teeth and a strong jaw, and he gets it to bite him, you can see and hear the pain that caused him.

What do you guys think about this ‘test’, is it informative or just an unreasonable injury? Tell us what you think!