Teen Gains National Attention for Shooting Talent

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Another video which shows how great the world can be, and that there are many talented individuals out there. If they manage to follow their dream and find what they are good for, they can draw attention from the public and the government even if all the odds are against them. Check out this awesome video where this female teen gains national attention for her shooting talent and how it all develops.

Katie Francis is a 14 years old teen that has a great talent for shooting. Her participation in shoot shows managed to draw the attention of many people around the world, especially in the states. Despite the many stereotypes that are running around the world as the weaker sex is no good for shooting, as well as her age should have been a problem according to many people, Katie managed to overcome those talks and did a fantastic job so far in all the shoot shows. You can see her in action In the video below. Feel free to leave us a comment below.