5 Most Unbelievable Snipers | Deadliest Snipers Ever

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We are talking about the five most skilled and deadliest snipers ever to hold a rifle and especially about our fallen hero the USA’s Carlos Hathcock

Before being sent to Vietnam, Hathcock won several shooting championships, including Perry Field competitions and the Wimbledon Cup. In 1966 Hathcock was deployed in Vietnam as a military police officer and then became a sniper, after Captain Edward James Land forced the Marines to include more snipers in each platoon. Then Land recruited Marines who had set their own records in accurate shots; quickly he found Hathcock, who had won the Wimbledon Cup, the most prestigious in long distance shooting in the Camp Perry in 1965.

During the Vietnam War Hathcock got 93 confirmed shots from EVN and Viet Cong . During the Vietnam War, casualties had to be confirmed by a third man, who had to be an officer, in addition to the sniper spotter. Frequently snipers did not have an officer present, making confirmation of the casualty difficult, especially if the victim was behind enemy lines, which was the regular case.