The World’s Deadliest Anti-Tank Missiles

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Check out this video of the world’s most accurate and deadly anti tank missiles. An anti – tank missile, ATGM for its acronym in English ( Anti-Tank Guided Missile ) or weapon anti tank guided, ATGW is a missile designed primarily to destroy tanks or vehicle armored combat .

The size and range of ATGMs range from launchers that can be transported by a single man to large assemblies that require several equipment to transport and shoot, which can be vehicles or aircraft.

The introduction of the small and portable ATGM with large warheads on the modern battlefield has given the infantry the ability to damage the armor of combat tanks, usually with a single shot. Early anti-tank weapons such as anti-tank rifles, anti-tank rockets, or anti-tank magnetic mines had limited ability to go through a tank’s armor and required a dangerous approach to the operator. What are your thoughts of them, and which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below the video.