[Video] Inside The Tanks: The Tortoise – World of Tanks

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The A39 Tortoise was a heavy British Sturmpanzer/tank destroyer and next to the huge TOG by far the largest and heaviest armored vehicle that ever in the UK was built.

The huge vehicle had still been developed during the Second World War, especially to counter the superior German tanks and hunting tanks with an even stronger cannon and also a massive armor as well as to combat strongly fortified positions effectively. In fact, at the time of its construction, its armor was practically invulnerable to all known German guns. In spite of all efforts, the first specimen was delivered in Europe only after the end of the fighting and therefore this monstrous tank was no longer used. The first Tortoise was already transported to Germany in the summer of 1945, and was immediately tested, and the tank was quite convincing. The other five vehicles were given to the British army only in 1947. The planned series production no longer took place; it remained with the six built tortoise.