About Us

Tired of endlessly scouring YouTube looking for epic videos but only finding mediocre or even terrible videos that just waste your time? Yeah? We know how you feel, which is why we work so hard to bring all of the Internet’s most amazing videos to one convenient location.

What kind of videos do you post?

Good question! What kinds of videos do you like? The answer is the same. We’ve got all of your favorite classic fail videos along with the newest and most hilarious ones. We’ve got music videos and hilarious sketches. And, we’ve got videos that are touching and will restore your faith in humanity.

If you’re looking for a certain type of video, check out the categories and rest assured that everything in that category will be from that category. No need to worry about wandering to the “weird part” of our site by clicking one too many videos. Instead, pick a category and immediately enjoy a whole slew of videos within that category that you can enjoy for as long as you’d like.

Not only do we share the videos that we find, but we also want to give you the chance to share the videos that you create or find, so feel free to upload your own videos to be added to our selection of amazing videos for others to watch.

This is a video-sharing community that you can get actively involved in. So when you completely wipeout next time you’re trying to do something fancy on your skateboard and you HAVE to share it somewhere, share it here.

Why should I share my video with you?

Another excellent question! Because we only have the best videos out there, your videos will get more views than the larger video-sharing websites out there. Sites like YouTube have so many videos (over 24 hours worth of footage uploaded every single minute) that even the most amazing videos will get lost in the shuffle.

Here, we want your video to get the attention and/or laughter it deserves, which is why we make sure that all the crap is filtered out until all that’s left is quality video footage that will have you and everyone else coming back again and again for more.

“If you’re curious, Earth is an amazing place.”

We fully believe that there are so many amazing things that can be discovered right here on Earth, which is probably why so many aliens have expressed an interest in our humble little planet. We also believe that at least some of the most amazing parts of Earth have been captured on video.

We’ve been bringing together the best of these videos to create a website that celebrates the uniqueness of Earth to help satisfy your curiosity. Curiosity only killed the cat because it had to go out into the world to make discoveries rather than being able to browse our videos.

We only post the best videos found on the internet that are sure to have you laughing, crying, or maybe a little of both. So, your days of watching hours of pointless videos just to find one really good one are over. Stick around, and we’ll provide you with all the amazing, awesome, funny, hilarious, ridiculous, incredible, and unbelievable videos from all over the world.