5000 shot Firework Deathstar

(Scroll down for the video)

This guy, to celebrate 3 million subscribers on youtube, made an amazing fireworks called Deathstar. Check it out and leave a comment.

The fireworks are a type of explosive formed by gunpowder and other chemical elements which at the time of the explosion generates colored light and sound effects.

They are usually thrown into the dark from the ground in the air. In particular, pyrotechnics is the art and study of the manufacture of fireworks for entertainment and entertainment purposes . The history of pyrotechnics is rooted in remote origins in the 8th century in China .

Fireworks are generally used for entertainment, events and parties, especially for the visual / sound effect that is often amplified by the environment, as in the space in front of a water mirror or near monuments, ruins, amphitheatres, Squares, valleys or particular natural conformations. Normally artificial fires produce four “primary effects”

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