7 Year Old’s First Time Shooting AR-15

This 7-year-old is shooting AR-15 for the first time, surprisingly she’s pretty confident about it and doesn’t seem to be scared at all.

Daughter of youtuber Haus of Guns shows us some action. He’s teaching her to shoot the AR-15, starting with the safety and whether it’s on or off and other basics. The girl’s only problem is her stance, she can’t reach the gun so gets on her tiptoes but we all know that’s a big Nono.

After adjusting the rifle and her seat she shoots a couple of times without a problem and enjoys it.

The brave little girl did something not everyone could do, we’re all proud of her courage and enthusiasm.

Do you guys think it’s safe to have a young child shoot? Does the parent being there make a difference on how safe that is, or are guns always dangerous no matter what? Share your thought with us.