Can 10,000 Condoms Really Stop A Bullet?

I know what you’re already thinking: there’s no likelihood in hell that condoms will stop bullets. however that’s not essentially what’s being tested here, tho’ that does consider at one purpose.

What’s being tested here is whether or not putting condoms on a Glock will stop the gun from firing, and as we tend to see in bound cases, it does. That’s right, bros, condoms will stop Glocks from firing. however why did I share this video with you today?

May be a man covering his shooting iron in lubed-up condoms very all that interesting? Is it a particularly slow content day (answer: no), or did I post that video as a result of I went down a YouTube hollow and concluded abreast of this dude’s channel once looking at him shoot off a ridiculous 600-ROUND CLIP: however have I never fallen down this hollow before? Why am I therefore soft on with this gun-centric YouTube channel?

These are all important queries i want to raise myself, and queries that I’ll pay your time looking out to answer. For now grasp this: condoms, once applied properly, will often stop a Glock from firing.