Cheapest Gun In the World

So, yeah. Cheapest gun in the world guys, only 25$ and the size fits the price very well. DemolitionRanch shows us this tiny firearm called Imperial metal model unknown 22 short. The gun was bought at a pawn shop for 25$ and they didn’t pay the tax saving 1.91$, that’s some good business right there.

The tag had written “Broken” and he had to sign a form saying he can only use it for Display purposes. So, in this video he’s using it to display how it shoots. Shooting it continuously the firearm goes off once in three times or so. Not sure how we feel about this mini firearm, however the size of the gun never matters, it can still cause harm so never play around with it.

What do you guys this about this firearm, would you buy it for usage or would you just display it in your fancy shelf? Let us know!