Melt metal with magnets

Warming metals or even melting them with a magnet (more correctly electromagnet) may sound something interesting. To know its operation we must understand the induction, phenomenon discovered by the great chemist and physicist of the nineteenth century Michael Faraday.

This method of heating has many advantages, such as that the coils are not heated, only the metal, which is used in modern induction cookers (which could be called Faraday kitchens), which directly heat the pot, not The glass ceramic plate, avoiding burns after the cooking is done. In addition, it is an energy efficient system. The only drawback is that it only heats certain types of materials; depending on the type of material a different current must be applied.

Now, here to melt metals there is difference. To understand this we will need the knowledge provided by two other great minds: Foucault and Joule. And a video demonstration by databeatdev only confirms these theories. Check it out, you are going to enjoy it, and don’t forget to leave a comment behind.