This march madness trick shot is something you have to see to believe!

YouTuber 22plinkster’s March Madness trick shot is pretty darn impressive.

If you’re familiar with YouTube plinking guru 22plinkster’s videos, you know this guy is an amazingly good shot whenever he gets a 22LR in his hands. Because he’s a former player, every year he does a basketball-themed trick shot to go along with the theme of the college basketball tournament.

This one is impressive on so many levels, you just have to see it for yourself. Watch as he shoots an asprin off a balloon without popping it while also spinning a basketball with his other hand!
March Madness indeed! He’s pulled off some pretty impressive trick shots in this past, but this one may be his most impressive yet. This just takes an insane amount of hand-eye coordination with both the basketball and the handgun to actually pull this off. We’re absolutely in awe of your skills, sir! Well done!

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