The biggest rocket ever designed? The Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon was an American rocket projected in 1962 by Robert Truax , of Aerojet , and that did not pass the study phase.It was a huge two-stage pitcher that would take off from the sea. It would be able to put 550 tons of cargo in low earth orbit. The first stage had a single engine with a combustion chamber pressure fed by nitrogen, consuming LOX and kerosene and a thrust of 353 meganewton.

The second stage would have burned LOX and LH2, with 62 meganewtons thrust.With a diameter of 23 m and a total height of 150 m, the rocket would have weighed 18,000 tons.

Apart from the two-stage version, a single-stage, reusable version was also designed with a stopper nozzle. What are your thoughts about this rocket? To find out more, check the video below, and leave your comment behind.