Dude Almost Killed After Shooting Fridge Full Of Tannerite

(Scroll down for the video)

There are some crazy people everywhere in this world, and this lad is one of them. They decided to fill a fridge with tannerite and shoot it with a rifle, hoping for a small explosion and some laugh within themselves. What they don’t know, and what you will soon find in the video, is that they put too much tannerite in it, and when that happens, it starts to misbehave.

Tannerite is made to be detonated from a high-velocity bullet. Once this happens, a big explosion followed out by a cloud of smoke, as it spreads in all directions around the detonation zone. These guys shot at it, recorded it and the guy with the rifle almost died. Check out the video to see what we are talking about, let us what do you think in the comment section below and remember don’t do this at home!