Special course with special forces (Rapid Response Unit Brno (CZ)

Sami Combat Systems comes back with another sneak peek of their training routine, we see the founder of SAMI Combat Systems, Peter Weckauf who helps with the training of tactics and moves.

On this video, we see their Firearm Concept, they start with the Rapid Response Unit Brno (CZ) where they learn how to move when having a gun and how to defend themselves on ground and also when in a car. Then they have the Law Enforcement and Military Training where they get to learn about the law and get to the military type of training which they will need later on.

There are more than 20 soldiers who train on how to use firearms, how to fight with them and their tactics.

If you do not have permission to carry a firearm, please do not try this at home.

What did you guys think about this type of training? Share your thoughts with us!